Hurtigruten from Bergen to Tromso Oct 2011

3 thoughts on “Hurtigruten from Bergen to Tromso Oct 2011”

  1. Hai..interesting to read yr article. May i know how much is the cost from Bergen to Tromso bu Hurtriguten? We intend to take the Hurtriguten Cruise from Bergen to Tromso in feb 2019.
    Appreciate your feedback


    1. Hi, I did this trip 7 years ago so I am not sure how much it would cost now. I took a quick look on the Hurtigruten site and there is the option to go from Bergen to Kirkenes which is farther north than Tromso and that 7-day journey costs from €763 and up per person. I suggest you email them and find out if you can get off in Tromso and how much that would cost. Email


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