Lake Titicaca (Bolivian Side) & Tiwanaku Feb 2016

2 thoughts on “Lake Titicaca (Bolivian Side) & Tiwanaku Feb 2016”

  1. Your pictures are amazing! Actually i am planning to go to peru,machu picchu and bolivia this xmas. May i know which tour company did you use?



    1. I used several different tour companies mainly organised by my friend who lives in Santiago. I can ask the names of the different ones if you like. I normally choose and book the hotels myself. The tour companies mainly are for the transport and excursions. I remember for Sacred Valley in Peru, I used one I found online called Apumayo for all the hikes and excursions. For Uyuni and the Sioli Desert in Bolivia, I have the email of the guide herself so you can contact her and find out more. Let me know :)


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