Old Dongola & Jebel Barkal Mar 2019

3 thoughts on “Old Dongola & Jebel Barkal Mar 2019”

  1. It seems so lonely …. not the usual crowds you might see at the star attractions of Egypt! What made you choose this trip— I mean what is the historic or other significance of this place? And — a politically incorrect question — how safe is it? Does it justify a trip from Cairo to Khartoum?


    1. There are very few tourists here in Sudan. I was intrigued by their history and culture after visiting a Nubian village in Aswan. I mainly came to see the pyramids, smaller versions of their Egyptian counterparts, but still very impressive. I never knew before that the Nubians ruled Egypt for 100 years as the black pharoahs. I think there are some larger scale demonstrations going on right now and has been since December of last year. I didn’t feel unsafe at any point on my 10-day trip there. The people are very friendly and I didn’t feel uncomfortable as I would have in a crowd of men or in the middle of the market in say India or elsewhere in the Middle East. I enjoyed the trip a lot though it was a bit rough. No luxury outside the capital, long drives, and the temperature goes up to 42 celcius. Now it is too hot to visit. The tourist season starts up again in Oct or so I believe.


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