Longji Rice Terraces Apr 2019

2 thoughts on “Longji Rice Terraces Apr 2019”

  1. Interesting pictures, despite the fog & mist. :) Your post aroused my curiosity. (1) How do the insect catchers work… they look like discarded postboxes! (2) I was told that in China travel is very restricted — foreigners are prohibited from entering many rural areas. So how were you able to change your program quickly from Jinkeng point to Ancient Zhuang village without any new travel permit (or whatever )? (3) How did you manage to communicate in rural areas — do you speak Chinese?. I would like to visit China someday, and I am trying to understand what interesting sights are there — both the famous ones and the lesser known exotic ones. So pardon my long mail :)


    1. Hi thanks for reading my posts! (1) I didn’t go into the fields to check these insect catchers but I suspect there is some sticky stuff to lure and trap insects? Kind of like the cockroach houses. One of the farmers just said look we use these boxes instead of pesticides. (2) As far as I know travel in China is not restricted other than into Tibet. I haven’t been anywhere in China with any restrictions. Besides even though these rice terraces are rural, they are still a tourist site. I have never had to apply for any travel permit when traveling in China and you don’t have to enter the country with any set itinerary. (3) I speak Chinese. In the rural areas, they often speak their local dialect but most people speak at least a bit of Mandarin.
      There is so much to see in China! Make sure you avoid the Chinese holidays (Chinese New Year, May Labor Day, Oct National Day, etc) because all the sights, famous or not so famous, gets jam packed with local tourists. Don’t forget China has 1.4 billion people with a per capita income of around US$10,000 which is close to the world average GDP per capita. That means the people in China are making more money now and with more money they are eager to travel both domestically and abroad. Happy travelling!


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