Slovenia Landscape Photography July 2019

10 thoughts on “Slovenia Landscape Photography July 2019”

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning! Is Piotr available for photo tours in Slovenia? We are traveling to Lake Bled for 5 days and are looking for someone to explore it with, thanks, Aiva


      1. I would definitely recommend Piotr. He is a very passionate landscape photographer as well as a licensed guide. We did super long days only getting 3 hours a sleep for me so probably even less for Piotr since he has to drop me off and pick me up, yet he was always cheerful and excited when the weather cooperated. If you want to learn about long exposure photography, Piotr is very willing to share his personal tips and tricks etc. Anyways I plan to do a photo workshop with him every year going forward 😀 Piotr is also familiar with Croatia, Tuscany, Czech Republic etc so it’s not just limited to Slovenia


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