The Culture of Ruinpubs in Budapest July 2014

Ruinpub is the exact translation of its Hungarian name.  Ruinpubs are key to the nightlife of Budapest.  Not only are they very popular among the local youth, they are also becoming a tourist must see.  They are normally opened in derelict or abandoned tenement houses and factory buildings or at empty lots with old furniture from community centers, old apartments, or even city dumps.  The mish mash of furniture and decor lend a hippy retro feel to these watering holes, hence the name ruin pub.

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Budapest – Pest side July 2014

Across the Danube on the Pest side of Budapest is where most of the population live and work.  It is also where the most notable landmark of Hungary, the Hungarian Parliament, is located.  It is currently the largest building in Hungary and the highest building in Budapest.  There are guided tours of the building but get quickly filled during peak season, so book ahead if you plan to see the inside of the Parliament.

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