Hurtigruten from Bergen to Tromso Oct 2011

This is my second visit to Norway, the first time was years ago and only to Oslo.  My father and I wanted to see the Northern Lights as well as some of the Norwegian coastline.  We went with the Hurtigruten which is a no-frills ship that provides transportation of people and supplies up and down the western and northern Norwegian coast.  Unlike traditional leisure cruises, there are no big amenities or restaurant choices on board.  The cabins (other than the suites) are quite basic with private bathroom facilities and twin beds, one of which can be turned into a sofa.  Some cabins also have upper and lower berths.  But having said that, it is a great way to see the small towns dotted along the coastline as well as visit the Fjords when the weather allows it.  We went in the late fall/early winter so we didn’t get to go inside the fjords but instead we got to see the Northern Lights.  A lot of time was spent at sea with beautiful views of the coastline.

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