Patagonia Feb 2015

Patagonia in the southern part of Chile was one of the more difficult places to get to, especially from Asia. I flew from the States to Santiago and connected to Punta Arenas and then it was another 5 hour drive into Torres del Paine national park where my hotel, Explora, is located. It is an all inclusive hotel taking you on 2 half-day or 1 full-day excursion each day. There are 50 guided explorations on foot and horseback to the remotest areas inside Torres del Paine to choose from.

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Easter Island March 2013

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is probably the most remote place in the world I ever will be, other than Antartica.  It is truly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by water, with no other land mass in sight. A lot of its history is still a mystery because there is no written record and little oral history to be found on the island. It is believed that deforestation, internal wars, rat infestation led to the end of the Moai (the massive statues) period.  The massive statues called Moais are believed to be representations of deified ancestors. They are erected along the coastline facing the villages which they watch over and protect.

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