Peruvian Amazon Oct 2013

There are two seasons at the Amazon River in Peru: high water season from December to May and low water season from June to November.  Even though we went during the low water season, there was still some rain.  The main difference in visiting during the different seasons is the ability to access the jungle trails that get flooded during the high water season.  But having said that, you can get closer to the animals by boat and see the rainforest at its lushest during the high water season.

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Machu Picchu Oct 2013

Machu Picchu in Peru has always been on my bucket list.  Since the Inca had no written language, there is no record of why this complex was ever built.  It may forever remain a mystery as to why such efforts were made to build a city that could only support a few thousand people especially when the Inca did not have metal or wheels some 500 years ago.  As the Spanish Conquest progressed, it was widely believed that the indigenous people were continuously driven to higher altitudes (difficult for their enemies to acclimatize) or into the Amazon (also difficult for their enemies to navigate and adjust to the high humidity).

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