Tehran Apr 2016

We flew into Tehran, the capital of Iran, from Muscat and prior to landing, all the women started putting on their long coats and headscarfs.  The rules of dress in Iran is relatively lax compared to many other parts of the Arab world.  Women have to wear long-sleeve tops that are mid-thigh in length and … Continue reading Tehran Apr 2016

Nizwa Mar 2016

After about 2 hours of driving from Muscat, we arrived in Nizwa.  Nizwa is one of the oldest cities in Oman and was once a center of trade, art, and religion.  It is strategically located at the crossroads linking the interior of the country with Muscat.  The highlight here is the Nizwa Fort built in … Continue reading Nizwa Mar 2016

Muscat Mar 2016

We flew into Muscat, the capital of Oman, from Dubai and since it was a Friday, we just lazed around the Grand Hyatt Hotel where we stayed.  Muscat has always been an important trading port between the east and the west and was ruled by various indigenous tribes as well as foreigners such as the … Continue reading Muscat Mar 2016