Terracotta Army in Xian April 2014

Xian, located in the northwest province of Shaanxi of China, was called Chang’an in the ancient times and is the oldest of the Ancient Capitals of China.  It is the starting point of the Silk Road and home to the famous Terracotta Army of the Qin Dynasty.  The Terracotta Warriors is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, and was buried with the emperor to protect him in the afterlife.

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Galapagos Islands Feb 2014

The long awaited trip to Galapagos Islands has finally happened.  It reminded me of going on an African safari but more.  If you are prone to seasickness, do not pick a small boat. I was advised before the trip to choose at least a medium size boat because there are nights when the seas can be quite rough. I chose the Eclipse which is a 48 passenger cruise ship. I normally don’t get seasick but there was one night where I felt queasy and had to ask the nurse on board for some Dramamine.

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Bogota Feb 2014

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and one of the largest cities in Latin America.  The city’s cultural center is the cobblestone historic downtown La Candelabra.  Most of Bogota’s attractions are in this area such as Plaza de Bolivar, the Gold Museum, and the Botero Museum.  Monserrat Hill is also frequented by visitors for its panoramic views of the city.

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Zipaquira Salt Cathedral Feb 2014

Zipaquira is a town about 50km from Bogota and is a place of pilgrimage in Colombia.  The town is made famous by its the Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, which is an underground church built within the tunnels of the salt mine 200 meters underground.  Many years before the main cathedral was built, the miners have already carved numerous sanctuaries and prayed for protection everyday before starting work.

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