Sarajevo July 2019

From Slovenia, I travel to another Balkan state formerly part of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, often known in short as just Bosnia.  Like its neighbors, Bosnia was once inhabited by the Illyrians and then settled by the Slavic people from the 6th century.  It also came under Ottoman rule until the late 19th century where … Continue reading Sarajevo July 2019

Ljubljana July 2019

From Albania and North Macedonia, my summer travels continued to Slovenia which is one of the successor states of former Yugoslavia.  Like its other Balkan neighbors, Slovenia had a storied past once being part of the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Habsburg Monarchy, Austro-Hungarian Empire, etc until in 1918 it formed the Kingdom … Continue reading Ljubljana July 2019

Ohrid July 2019

I have always been curious about Ohrid, the city nicknamed the “Jerusalem of the Balkans” and so since I am only about 2.5 hours away in Tirana, Albania, I decided to do a day trip to Ohrid in North Macedonia.  The Republic of North Macedonia is one of the successors of the former Yugoslavia from … Continue reading Ohrid July 2019

Tirana July 2019

My summer holidays this year began in Albania in the Balkans also known as Shqiperia, the Land of the Eagles.  Albania was essentially the North Korea of the Balkans.  It has been closed to the rest of the world, even to fellow communist countries like Russia and China, and tightly ruled by Stalinist leader Enver … Continue reading Tirana July 2019